• Video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google.
• Video helps us to make informed decisions – it is immediate and is compelling.
• Video fuels social media, and supercharges SEO.
• Video can also be the driver of increased sales and is infinitely measurable.

Your VIDEO can get a high page Ranking on Google in a very short space of time for only £130 ! and make a bid impact on your Auction Viewings.

I cannot stress how effective this Video package is – especially in the area of Auctions, where niche marketing and promotion not only gives exposure to existing and potential customers – but also attracts more initial instructions.

Our existing customers are very excited by the major improvements and strengthening of their niche businesses, but the downside of that is the more successful we are – the more difficult it will be to rank similar goods and services in the future.

We have set a limited number of new clients that we can take on, and hopefully you will see your way to joining our core customer base.

We genuinely are at the cutting edge of video and web marketing in the UK in a most innovative way – and collaborate with a number of International Groups and Forums in the development of web/video marketing and for whom we sit on a number of development panels.

We are not in the business of creating expensive Video, web sites or design fantasies – we are purely concerned with achieving ‘rapid’ Client growth and web exposure often achieved by Innovative and very Cost Effective ideas.

Below are a selection of ‘Auctioneers Video’s – either ‘Sale’ or Informative.. all designed to give massive WEB exposure to the Client Auctioneer – as well as a specific ‘Auction’ spin-off.