After 2 years of development, we are able to offer the most comprehensive APP. (Application) available in the WORLD – dedicated to Auctioneering.

Most APPS.currently available are ‘wraps’ of existing Web sites or simple PDF readers and offer very limited functions.

This APP. is customised to the individual Auctioneer organization – and the services they offer.

Each APP. there for has to go through an individual build and approval process, both for Google Store and the Apple Store for each Individual Clients App.

Has dedicated output that works on:-

* APPLE IPhones,



** Ability forĀ  ‘PUSH’ notifications for IPhones.

Above is an example of the function screens available.



Click below to view a Detailed Flipbook

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 17.17.50



PRICING.. FREE APPLICATION & Client Downloads …. (Base APP. including all submissions, design and initial set up one-off low fee plus additional charges based on specific additional requirements).

Offers CUSTOMIZABLE features (if available from clients) of:-

* Own Logo

* Own Landing Page

* Link to Electronic FLIPBOOK Catalogue (if a subscriber)

* Link to Current Catalogue.

* Link to Archive Catalogue/Prices Achieved

* Link to Twitter, You Tube and Social Media Client feeds.

* Link to Bidding Platform – if Client is linked to appropriate platform)