Auction Catalogues by their very nature are very high consumers of web-storage due to the high use of pictures.. and as we all know.. the higher quality, bigger and better the pictures are – the better the viewer interaction !

Are hosting solution is both scalable and load balanced  so we can cater for the massive growth in our storage needs for Clients, but more importantly, deliver our catalogues at the same speed even during high demand.

At the moment, we hold an archive of current and historic auction data for a number of clients and our index rate in Google is as a result ultra quick.

Archiving, either with or without our assistance, we believe to be an essential adjunct to an Auctioneers business, where technology has encouraged much interaction between clients and in-house data.. and as the industry develops, so must the need to ‘give added value’ by way of Pricing and Information.

We are constantly trying to improve our ‘visual’ offerings to clients and theirs and as a result have now developed our fully interactive linked catalogues – linking each lot in a catalogue to the bidding page for that lot.